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This started a moment of something special as Jell took to sentiment his gift of winning hearts of people with his kind spirit and loving personality. 

After receiving an honorable discharge, Jell reunited with his wife, Ever, back in their hometown in Huntsville, AL, and they began farming crops and raising livestock. As there became an increase in the stock of pigs, Jell began the process of slaughtering, cleaning, and cooking his own meat for friends and family. Jell hand dug a huge hole in the ground approximately 2’ deep, 10’ long, and 4’ wide. He then, used iron posts to lay in columns across the hole. Next, he used steel wire to tie the hog wire around the iron post. Lastly, he constructed a wooden canopy topped with a tin roof to keep the elements away from the pit. Jell and Ever’s homemade pit became their cash cow as people came in droves to pick up their orders of whole hog BBQ and Brunswick stew. Skins were also a staple on their menu. The family’s secret Red Sauce was what gave the BBQ its succulent flavor. In the early 50’s, Jell and Ever built their first dine-in restaurant on their own property on Moores Mill Road in Huntsville, Alabama. People from miles around came to eat, drink, and to be merry. Jell and Ever became well known for their old-fashioned way of cooking in an open pit over hickory wood. 

Today, Jell’s 4 Ever BBQ along with Pit, will carry on the legacy of excellent customer service and delicious food that Jell and Ever Scruggs brought to the community for many years. Our name, stems from Jell’s promise to his wife, Ever, to always embrace the remembrance of her dedication and hard work. J4E symbolizes their union and stands for: Family, Love, Togetherness, and Happiness. Jell and Ever welcomed many people into their home, and we would love to extend our warm and hearty welcome to our guests to encounter an exceptional dining experience.

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Jell and Ever Scruggs were married on April 12, 1942. Prior to their vows, Jell Scruggs was drafted and enlisted into the United States Army to serve his country during WWII. After completing basic training, Jell was stationed at McCoy Field, Washington where he became a waiter at the Officer’s Mess. Priding himself in his position, Jell rose to become the best, and most sought after waiter on post. Everyone loved his friendly, humble, and accommodating demeanor. When it became time for the soldiers to deploy overseas, Jell’s name was on the list to go to war. One evening while Jell was diligently providing exceptional customer service, the officer in charge of the Officer’s Mess and his wife were having dinner, and they stopped Jell from his work and called him over to their table to have a talk with them. As Jell took a seat at their table, the officer in charge pulled out the deployment list from headquarters and took out his pen and crossed out Jell’s name. The officer’s wife chuckled, as she stated, “If he would of sent you over then he would have had to find a new wife”. The officer responded, we can’t replace a Jell Scruggs.